Layer chicks and broiler chicks

The chicks are hatched in our own hatchery and vaccinated with the utmost care according to the customer's preferences. With the experience we have accumulated over many generations, we deliver the chicks to the customer in the very best condition.

We take care of every detail of the delivery to an airport near you in Africa, Asia, or the Middle East. The transport route is planned carefully with our logistics partners to minimise travel time.

Incubel has built a strong reputation due to the quality of its chicks and by providing the right vaccinations. Just ask your colleagues and they'll confirm it.

We offer many different breeds:

  • Broiler chicks: Ross 308, Cobb 500, Sasso, Ross Ranger, Hubbard JA, Redbro.
  • Layer chicks: Isa Brown, Lohmann Brown, Bovans Brown, Dekalb White, Lohmann LSL, Hyline, Hisex, Novogen.