Hatching chicks is in our DNA. The Destrooper, Moonen, and Vervaeke families have been producing hatching eggs for three generations and rear the very best chicks from them. These three Belgian families decided to join forces 20 years ago to become the largest family of hatcheries. Now we have broiler breeders and hatcheries in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and France. The group also has a joint venture in Asia with broiler breeders and hatcheries.

Thanks to these many years of passing down knowledge and expertise and an extremely motivated team of specialists, we continue to build towards our future. Reliable quality is a core value of our products.

We want to provide our customers with the expertise of our team of specialists to achieve the best results and to utilise the genetic potential to the greatest degree.

We have exported hatching eggs and chicks outside of Europe since 2003. Due to the fast growth in export, a separate company was established for this purpose in 2009: INCUBEL, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Belgabroed.

Walter Destrooper in Kalmthout (Belgium) in 1952 & Frans Moonen in Poppel (Belgium) in 1954

We produce excellent hatching eggs and rear the very best chicks from them. We have done this with passion for over 70 years.

Carl Destrooper